Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cool Story and Trickster Online

So far I had a bunch of stuff that I was going to post, like how I exterminated a roach infestation, and I was going to make a bias post with some silly images on the side, silly drawings which I didn't do for about a week or two with some facts also I just got a tree book recently and I'm going to blog about the exotic tress and, of course animu line ups all that I put up there I have watched  and there is the MMO stuff. I have the titles of the posts of what I had in mind and what not but I don't write any thing down unless I'm going to put it up that day.

Here is some thing recent I was playing trickster again just for nostalgia, I started two days ago and the game got a little better for playing alone with better/more quests well also the party bulletin was only use for lv 2xx party grinds ... There is a secret too you can run multiple trickster games on your single computer to make your own party grind or leech but, my laptop will die from the pressure I'm sure of it. Though im disappointed by the fact there was no new 3rd job skills so that confirms it if your a PVP fag go hybrid. I will elaborate 3rd job skills so far only gave most characters upgrade like attacks from a 2nd job attacks(ex dark lance a dragon skill and, 3rd job you get a bigger dark lance! that has a different damage calculation) and they barely get any new skills( they have about 5 skills for each 3rd job character) here is a tourney fag tier list from the discussions I heard from the past. The green color is what I perceive.

God tier
bunny, dragon (dark or light),raccoon(HP tank)
Top tier
cat(str/evasion or str), raccoon(evasion, str or both), lion, cat(defense tank)
Mid tier
Shit tier
buffalo( he has noting to back him up), sheep(every thing else) same problem like the buffalo, fox (perception, luck or both the best one) (top tier if you know what you doing like not being dense and having some patients, you got to be sneaky)

So basically hybrid balances the flaws the character has and they get a huge arsenal of skills from the other gender. Bunny losses stun weakness because they have no real range attacks, buffalo gains guard(also they get a stun lock and 100% hit combo), cat gets more attacks, raccoon becomes super tank(because they only have their animal morph skill and raccoon gains more defensive stats and cat gains offensive stats/loss defense) ok maybe not for sense types unless they want to be strange because fox is not a gun expert because guns us another stat(accuracy) for damage. Mages get 3 elements that's self explanatory I hope.

The login page always changes to the new cash shop theme some times new content

Giant swamp slugs this is not new to me but I took a cap
 Check out my interior crocodile alligator design

Oh hey look at that new NPC's.
It looks like now every MMO game has this I think

Other stuff
She also gives you the party quest at the mines

Yes she sells you card packs and she gives you quests like a riddle to find cards for her

Moe maid that has some item exchange thing

A GM NPC the GMs also look like that sprite

Why does Santa have no cloak?

Moe ring character that makes you register to warp to places that I have registered in the past

Moe ring older sister that steals your galders it was cheap back then to warp

This snazzy looking guy can revert you back to our old job sprites

I knew she was there but she still is kind of new to me

I don't remember if the quests she gives are good

Her warping system was more efficient and cheaper


  1. Dang, the graphics are pretty darn cute. I want to be a raccoon!

  2. Cute designs, although the Santa was a bit disturbing.

  3. I really got drawn into trying Trickster when it first came out into Beta. Mainly because of the "digging". it sounded like a cool way to explore without just having to grind creatures or do "10 out of 10 rabbits "style quests. Never got into it. has it changed much?