Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Daily Dose

This should be called weekly dose but, it can become a habit for a day to day bases.
Side effects from dosage; increased heart rate, and ears may become deaf

Not sure what the original source is but I think it's a flash animation.
[Edit] I just found out were it came from http://www.discogs.com/artist/Miss+Papaya.[]
More Geass.

Fan service from Strike Witches.

Can you survive the first part of this series?
Opps this is the better version of the first ep

I was planning to do this tomorrow but, I was a bit busy and was sleeping more then usual. Two silly posts in a row should not be a habit because I think it may lose it's touch if I do that, anyways take it easy!


  1. >Strike Witches MAD

    This was glorious! That must be from the second season because I don't remember that scene..

    >Side effects from dosage; increased heart rate


    Take it easy!

  2. LOL thanks for sharing XD But dude. That Nyan Neko Sugar Girls is painful to watch.

  3. >Can you survive the first part of this series?