Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fuck ya Line up

This Line up has all the fixings when you have that empty feeling, lacking some action packed, flashy  explosive scenes , cool fights and, badass, jaded, hot blooded characters.(ya I finally I embedded the videos so now you can full screen it now, instead of doing it the lazy way.)      

Takes place in an apocalyptic setting in Japan with in a small area, were people have jewels(they just have them) and get god tier powers but, they can only have one and power of the jewel varies. It sucks for the opening character because he is just there, the main character is a guy who is disguised as a priest to take down the cruel dictator that is taking over. 
The anime has a different ending from it's manga and, the manga is still ongoing I think, also there is a dub on this coming out on Feb 15.

Chrome Shelled Regios
It takes place in an  apocalyptic setting were giant bugs try to consume the human race.
The main character is some guy that wanted to start a new life by leaving his previous dome and, trying to live a normal life by going to school, but he got forced to go into the military, there is also a harem in this anime but its not the main theme here.

Ichiban no Daimaou( code name: color wars)
The main character is some dude that was a monk that went to a magic school. His fortune(they do this for every new student) is to become the the demon king, he tries to deny his fate and shit happens and he gets naturally stronger and his existence is a plague. Also its harem anime so expect animu girls to be a part of it.

Darker then Black
Some Chinese guy that goes to Japan for a mission for a top secret syndicate and, there is people with special powers called contractors and they also have a remuneration that's there negative effect.
This anime got two seasons and an OVA with three episodes.Ya some guys may not like season two because, it's like upside down well the main character did lose his ace in the hole but he can still do stuff plus a moe animu girl that he is training.

Birdy the Mighty Decode
Birdy is an intergalactic detective, that is also an alien race that looks perfectly human. She found her criminal  in Japan and, she accidentally killed a human boy and sharing her body with him doing undercover stuff, with the boys life and her life.
There is two seasons and an OVA.

My face when after watching this line up and I hope your face when you watch this line up or, have watched them.


  1. >My face when after watching this line up and I hope your face when you watch this line up or, have watched them.

    Lol, great picks. FUCK YEA.

  2. These really are great picks. BEST LINE-UP EVER. It's almost guaranteed to make one walk away thinking "fuck yeah."

  3. I've only watched DtB and Regios out of your picks. I didn't like Regios enough to finish it though. If anything, Felli was the reason I got as far as I did.

  4. I've only seen DTB out of these, I've got some serious backlog to watch through.

  5. I'm not too big on Regios, but otherwise these are pretty awesome. I used to be such a DtB fangirl. Needless looks pretty awesome XD