Friday, February 11, 2011

MMO Stories

More stuff about Trickster Online, now I will talk about the adventures I had.

The games unique feature was that drilling thing I mention before its basically digging for gold because you can drill about any were but here's the catch. Your drill can only dig up to a certain depth, so it forces you to get a better drill if that place requires more depth, I didn't play the game recently but that were little to none of those good drills example; when third job came out  It was a pain in the ass to find the gemstones that's needed for exchange because the area requires a drill with greater depth, were there was little to none available for non cash items, lucky me my hipster friend send me some cash points. Its all so hard to find nice items other then generic stuff and some quest items( thats were you ca make some galders from).

 The game some room decorating thing too but you need cash points to get more stuff and make expansions.
The game also have cards that have images of monsters and images of the characters in game and, you can play a sub game with them.

Ya about that easy to level up thing is true buuuuut you need to rely on a party to gain the levels in other words you need people and, then there is the impatient kids and the whinny faggots that ruin it, so some classes I discontinue. This is my ego jack of all trades( master of none pfft I can still get em because I know there flaws) it was never feed so any guy with higher numbers and makes a skill build say huuur I got higher numbers I know I'm right, then I go duur utility it seems like people take that pvp serious( in trickster) to make such a strict thing to follow even though the game doesn't limit you at all thanks to cash shop.

The level cap is 400 and there is also this thing they call TM points that you use to gain skills its a pain in the ass because there is so many skills that if you want them all you have to level cap ...
My sheep was earth and wind that was a cool element combo to me but people say it sucks and its even weak for PVM because there is a small amount of earth weak monsters, but it was ok to me because I haven't seen an earth/wind cash player because cash players are auto OP.
There is also earth/fire bad combo there both slow magic, water/ electric best combo, electric/ fire its alright and water/ wind fastest  but weakest combo.
I had dark dragon so I can just burn stuff.
I did use cash points a few times but I didn't get the good stuff inb4 it's because I wasn't concentrating on one character. also if the game is easy I will use an other class so I won't get bored.

cat was 190, sheep was 160, fox was 140, racoon 130, lion 70, buffalo 140, bunny 130, dragon 90.

There was pvp in this game too it goes like this you go in the pvp area and go to map were you can attack any target is you like and then there is a place were there is dueling, and guild battles. well in the free for all map there is douche bags that target only a specific person most of the time it's me probably because my stats suck so I barely go there, but my hipster friend loves that place that's were he goes and starts circle jerking because he got the good cash items and bunny so hes killer and, he has a ridiculous ego I didn't think he was serious when he was in his Mapple story days I pulled him out because he said if I make his character second job he will play ok he did I played as the sensei and told him all the tricks of the trade and good him good base stats and a good amount of TM points so he likes bragging about like if he did it then I told him about the ultimate move then his ego super inflated.

Each MMO I play it just keeps stacking up.


  1. I've never heard of this game before, but it sounds pretty cool

  2. I remember I was once thinking about trying Trickster, but I shied away from it because of my Maplestory addiction.

    >Ya about that easy to level up thing is true buuuuut you need to rely on a party to gain the levels

    UGH. I know it's an MMO, but I really hate when partying is pretty much the only way to play. I don't like socializing much, even in an online game.

  3. This seems intriguing. Although it sounds like it can get frustrating when it comes to unruly party members..

    >Each MMO I play it just keeps stacking up.

    Haha, this seems to be the case with most people, it seems ;_;

  4. I'm too scared to get into it, but Trickster sounds pretty good ;-; And the level cap is so high! whoa

  5. >huuur I got higher numbers I know I'm right

    I hated shit like this when I played WoW. I only did guild runs just to avoid dealing with those type of players.

  6. I don't like it when you need to socialize in order to play the game either. But then again, an MMO is a multiplayer game.

  7. trickster sound like a really good game, bsides from the bad things^^

    but I have so little time to play such games^^"