Thursday, February 3, 2011

MMO Stories

I'm sure most of us has tried them for many reasons escapism(cost free and it doesn't hurt my body), ego boost(I don't play for an ego boost I'm not shallow enough but, I can relate to that eventually), some thing to fill your gaming needs(I was able to deal with it), maybe meeting other gamers(I failed at that one), and lacking new consoles and hand helds(it doesn't apply to every one but, I was playing the free to play games).

Most people started off with Maplestory but, my computer sucks so I wasn't able to play it because that time when I just got my internet back they didn't make drivers for people with wankey intergrated graphics.

I found gunbound that was my first MMO I got into it when it was 3-4 years old, I told my friends(that still play games) about this moment the otaku friend joined in just to play with me a bit but, the hipster guy didn't hes in his own world in Maplestory. It sure feels great when your friend joins in a game that he/she used to play because you ask them to, I do that way to many times to count...

The game was pretty fun for 2-4 hours, depending who you are playing with and how long it takes to find a room with the map and setting you like from the lobby. With that Room joining system there will always be a douche that kicks you out if play crappy on their team or kick you out if dominate their team and, there is the guys that save spots for friends or better players.
They even added more stuff to the game presently I tried once last year and noobs are forced to play with the costume stats channel then I was like crud because, I don't have gear so I  would die too fast and, since I had aim( I was a silver battle axe in the previous version) they deliberately all aim for me first basically ass rape..  

The bots I liked in the game is the a.state because of the way it shots the lazers and the fancy stuff you can do with the tornadoes, grub just a bot with a wicked SS shot that does ridiculous damage if position of the shot and the hole is perfect , kalsidion nice damage who doesn't like flying homing rockets? I was also able to that timing shot when your stuck on low angles I lost that touch though and, nice armor, lightning just for some variation, ice nice damage and that snow ball lowers the armor from it's splash radius, big foot  just for laughs.

Lame bots(thats my opinion man) mage I remember some event that the game had killed the mage for me the event changes our bot to the mage, turtle its an ok bot but getting my perfect angle to give damage is a pain, raion the remote guys are ok but I don't like their damage even though you can make rape combos, armor has improved compared to its past stats but its so slow I like the SS though, trico same problem with turtle. Ya for Gunbound I basically like big explosions and good armor with some damage.

Bots I can't master the boomerang this bot is designed for OCD players because every shot will get fucked up with one +1 or 1- change in wind and the direction the wind goes. Some how I can't do well with the dragon too I screw up a lot with it maybe because its a rare in the random lottery but, I do fine with the knight maybe because its a.state 2.0.

Bots that gets my rage on, the nak every FFFing game if a guy is a nak I'm positioned right beside him/her, the there is your JD it doesn't bother me much but it fucks up the team.

More info on the Gunbound bots here.
Gunbound bots


  1. I confess I've never delved into the world of MMO gaming. I've heard some bad things about Maplestory. Your talk of Gunbound intrigues me though.

  2. I've never even heard of Gunbound. Although, MMO gaming is just pure evil but I could see why you would want to play them.

  3. MMOs are serious timesinks, I'm sort of glad I stopped playing them

  4. I have never played Gunbound, and I don't really plan to. It's probably a bad time to start anyway.

    Maplestory was shit, but at least I can confess that it was fun back in the day. When I recently retried it, I found it better than I remember, but still overall shit.

    >it doesn't hurt my body

    Yes it does! I'm proof..

  5. Gunbound was pretty popular over here roughly 4-5 years ago. I found it okay, but didn't find it enjoyable enough to continue.

  6. I may sound like a jerk, but the only reason Id play mmo's is to grief people and ruin their day, it's hilarious

  7. My first MMO was a browser-based game called OGame. And I jusst went in because of some friends that were playing it.

  8. I used to play a few MMOs, but no anymore. I like your blog, I'll be following.

  9. lol MMOs are so middle school :I jkjk

    Gunbound was like the big thing back in my middle school days.