Saturday, February 5, 2011

MMO Stories

The second MMO and the first MMO RPG I played was Trickster Online, again it was my friend that told me about it.The game has the cutesy anime style character designs, I liked it because of the cartoon graphics and it was piss easy to gain levels unless you messed up your character so bad(its like impossible though unless you go full retard).

The game has an Isometric view and its a point and click game(I wasn't a fan of that but still played, because there was noting good that I liked at 2007).From the character selection there is 4 groups power(offense), magic(obvious), sense(perception/luck/utility) charm(defense), per each group there is a male and female character that have the same skills as first job but gains different skills on their second job, another mix up is at the third job they can gain the skill of the other gender(that's how they made the game deal with it and, people complain that their class sucks and all that crap so they don't advance with the class they suck as ) or you can continue to advance with their specific roles. The characters represent an animal because of a cosplay like theme they have the ears and a tail that's all.

Bunny she becomes a boxer with her job advancement, with fast and power full attacks even with better buffs then the other guy aslo the overpowered character in the game presently because it can do a magic attacks and it can negate physical attacks for 5 hits.
Buffalo hes becomes a sword weilder(even though every character uses a sword well charms and power types ) his attacks are made to hit mulipule targets but his attacks are so FFFing slow and if you want to be strong you find the good stuff comparing to the talented bunny gurl.

Sheep she becomes a bard that controls 2 out of 5 elements your chose, there is earth,fire,thunder,wind, water I'm not going to talk about the limitations right now he attacks focus on multiple targets.
Dragon assumed as overpowered he looks like an androgynous male so even gurls like him and, he uses dark strong single target magic and dark magic can reflect physical attacks not bullets though or, light magic it's the defensive magic with an HP shield/healing expert and with some muli target skills.

Fox is a specialist at drilling and crafting success with her job advancement and she also uses hidden arms like disks, mines, and sneak attacks.
Lion hes the gunner with the fastest attack speed and range in the game but, he has the shitty defense and HP because he needs to focus on accuracy for damage ad he can't use a shield if he uses guns.

Cat she becomes an entertainer her attacks are not so amusing though there pretty boring but the charm types can transform so she literally becomes a cat woman for a duration of time gains power loses defense aw shit.
She was also my first character I also wasn't the transforming cat so it was more lame it was all good though.
Raccoon he becomes a card master that throws cards to attack and he has an ability to negate critical( this should be my guy because critical hits always fuck me in the ass in this game)\

Ya I may go in to more details with some cool stories and opinions on this one because, I played this game for a year and a quarter.


  1. Sounds intriguing, and easy enough to understand the character types. I'd probably choose Magic. Androgynous characters are awesome.



  2. Another MMO that I've never heard about. A cosplay theme? Must be a very weaboo game so I should check it out.

  3. oooh a super easy MMO with a cute animu style and cosplay?

    I like bunnies irl, but in this game I guess I'll go with fox or sheep :)

  4. I wish I could still play MMOs. Every time I try one I start comparing it to WoW for some reason, even though WoW is shit.

  5. I gave up MMOs a while ago. To many time spend for no reward and a lot of the selfcalled "Pro gamer" just suck ass and never accomplished anything usefull in their life.

  6. I was eventually going to get on to that, when I`m going to continue to blog about this game.