Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Just Saying

This time I will keep the page like this with the archives and tags on the bottom. The page also loads 5 posts, I think its better that way  so less crap to load up and, on the right side I added the 5 posts that got the most views. I'm actually going to make some use of that search bar(with the blog icon) in the top corner, that's why I have name some posts with the same title so if you looking for some thing you can input the tag name, the title name, or use the tag links.

I'm going to load dat photo shop too and make add some picture in the header area too, I never installed photoshop for a long time I was using fireworks because it takes off less space and, I'm sure doing stuff in photoshop is faster(to get shit done because, fireworks some times you have to click too much to avoid retarded shit) from my memory.


  1. A header would be pretty cool. It's better than looking at text all the time.

  2. Looking good, bro. I think 5-7 posts per page is nice and adequate. A header would be great, too. Good luck with Photoshop. I tend to use Paint Shop Pro because it's easier to navigate ><

  3. w-what is that butthead thing

  4. Great blog. New Follower.