Friday, February 18, 2011

Intentional Filler

The laziness inside me has taken a full turn today. I thank all of you for reading my QUALITY blog because, some people tell me when I type on the computer I start making less sense(even with typing the proper way not  with leet speak I use to leet speak), as in not being clear( if you can imply implacations, speak in code, and use riddles, there is no need to lie, trollface.jpg that's what I do real life or on the computer ) or some times its just baloney/rushed( that depends on my mood) inb4 learn to proofread.

Also wall of text

I will say I am a lazy guy because I usually do things half assed or just leave my stuff that I know is incomplete but I put it up there anyways. I bring this up again people say I look depressed(mainly females) then I reply shrugging my shoulders and maybe smirk saying "I'm just being Black" if you go outside and  find negros they don't make a grin or any thing the like, unless their being a douche or making a joke.
Ok I will admit I am depressed and the laziness comes from it(yes I'm implying my form of depression makes me lazy), so being Mr, perfectionist is pointless to me. Like my hipster friend hes taking like about a month to make a 3-5 min video of clips in game from S4 League I may post his video here too( but he doesn't know about my blog or he will have no interest).

Current Desktop

I'm aslo some what lazy physically buuut, its because I have a ridiculously fast metabolism, example last month I had some change and I went to Mc Donalds and ate 2 Mc doubles, 2 chicken bacon wraps, and 2 pies.,I still weight the same. So I act like a sloth doing things slowly and not wasting extra movements and it actually works for making me less hungry( so I can fast with out complaints). So after reading about sloths I call it the sloth tactic( because I read about sloths since 2 years ago but I have being doing this tactic in the past but I didn't name it). I also did use to go outside to walk, ride a bike(that was the only thing that would make go outside but my mom won't give me money to get wheels), and the niggers playground(basket ball court) man the behavior with the most of the basket ball people is just like an MMO I will talk about this in another blog.
Even at the collage gym its almost the same thing with these people. Like that lame stereotype "you like basket ball"? I say "I'm more  of a soccer guy".

I  also stopped going to the court since two years afer the I was instigated by the police WTF man, well it was 11:PM. My hipster friend wanted to buy candy (he is also black 1 of the 2 black guys I can deal with but I'm losing patients with his douche baggery, but hes at least free entertainment. I'm usually with Latinos and Oriental people, sorry there was barely White guys in my age group in that area that ). We both were wearing hoodies, I wear a hoodie at the warmer seasons and the other guy wears the hoodie for luls by the way he describes it.The police asked us questions about were we lived ad stuff, and the guy asking me questions was asking me if I take drugs because I was tired that day and I was ridding a bike, so I did look under the weather and I wasn't focusing with eye contact because I was tired.

Posting pictures of my messy habitat 24/7 unless I have school.
5 months old

QUALITY apartment I still need extra heat

Recent version
It's funny how I wrote all of this but I didn't feel like making an MMO tale or an anime line up or some thing, at least I can watch some  anime from the backlog after I finish guslinger girl im going to watch this seasons anime.


  1. your room has so many wires & cables, aren't you afraid of tripping on anything? :O

  2. That's a lot of wires. I wouldn't be able to handle all of it.

  3. how big is your stomach? I can only eat 1 Mc doubles n 1 large fries, anymore food will suffer me to death.

    recent version of your room looks better

  4. I can see where you're coming from with the laziness. I have an ultra-fast metabolism, too! I eat tons of junk food but never gain anything ┐('~`;)┌ I like how you call it the 'sloth tactic'.

    >man the behavior with the most of the basket ball people is just like an MMO

    Lol! Oh dear. I'd be interested to read about this.

    >I also stopped going to the court since two years after the I was instigated by the police

    How awful. I would have been so scared and uncomfortable in that situation. I'm pretty phobic of the pigs..

    Take it easy, friend.

  5. Sorry to double-post, but I wanted to add that you have a cool desktop. Also: 3D Custom Girl? FUCK YEAH.

  6. >aren't you afraid of tripping on anything?
    I don't walk I crawl,no that was the joke. The wires don't bother me that much because they are kind of loose.

    >how big is your stomach?
    Big enough to make me look like a greedy glutton.

  7. Having a fast metabolism sure is convenient. I'd try out your sloth tactic but I already get so little done I don't think I could afford to do things any slower.