Friday, February 4, 2011

Dem Snakes

This joke maybe too deep for you.

I didn't read much of the snake book yet but there was some cool stuff like that skeleton it was strange to me because I never saw that before well I did in video games (bomberman hero and, a desert setting) but I didn't think about it that much. The snakes have many positions for specific tasks( I was going to do them ... I will get to that eventually) and they can move another way then just slither. They're called sidewinders it was pretty cool when I saw that clip its like its doing the moon walk or something, its like it defies friction and they can do it pretty fast too that's like a mindfuck moment right there.

Wicked beast

Didn't use much of a reference for this they don't look like snakes that much

Don't mind that strange thing in the corner it was supposed to be a plant thing

I did the lazy way of trying the scale patterns I will get on to better ways or the long way eventually

Lonely horned snake I was going do more over there

Snake heads and an attempt at making the skeleton with a bit more detail


  1. I love snakes ;_; Sidewinders are awesome.

    >there was some cool stuff like that skeleton it was strange to me because I never saw that before

    Snake skeletons are fascinating! So are turtle skeletons..

    Those are some nice sketches, bro. Better than anything I could ever draw! Keep it up; try using a reference as well!

  2. Snakes are alright. The only time I saw one in person, it ended up dead.

    Nice drawings, too. Snake skeletons are so interesting.

  3. i always watching snake hunter in animal planet and nat geo wild, it's amazing that they can catch a snake with a bare hand.

    if you practice drawing a snake, i'm sure you can do it better:)

  4. Awesome set of snakes man. Snakes are really cool, but my mom would never want them around.

  5. I think I've only seen a snake once in real life, once when I was a child, it was a garter snake, definitely not as interesting as something that does the snake moonwalk.

    Neat drawings by the way.