Friday, February 25, 2011

Fuck ya Line up

Looking for some excitement, action and senseless murder? I got some over here.

Tegen Toppa Gurren Lagann
This anime was really strange when I first had a look at it with the art style I didn't have a problem with it but it was strange. The story begins underground because the human race is oppressed by beast men, so if they reach the surface the chance of survival is slim to none because they get chased by huge robots, well the main cast didn't know that. Each day taking down the beast man army with the robot with unimaginable power that can also combine robots and, meeting new people on the way expanding their army.
I'm not much of a Kaminafag but he did remind of the time when my older brother use to live with me, he use to show me things about the outside world that my parents can't tell me because they didn't live in Canada growing up, I didn't like him only for just buying me stuff  because I use to steal if him too. When he moved out  when I was 12 every thing just becomes plain (not emo) noting was exiting to me ok games was still my only excitement but you get the point I hope but, he was also a fool he was one the reasons why I became some form of a misogynist.

Kaibutsu Ojo
The setting is in a rural area in Japan with a hill that has a eerie mansion on top.The main character is a princess in the monster world, with the ability to grant immortality. There was also a plain, and weak little boy that saved the princess from an accident and he dies in the process. The lucky boy who saved her gracious presence gave him the gift of  immortality, well to put it bluntly the boy is like a slave now so hes stuck with her for eternity and if the flame goes out he dies until she revives him. There is also monsters trying to kill the princess too its never a boring day at that mansion. There is the OVA and I didn't watch but I saw screen caps in C's blog and the art the style is different that, feel when the characters you know doesn't look the same.

Freshly made I should do more

To aru Majutsu no Index
The setting is in Japan with in campus grounds that has the cutting edge technology for people doing esper training . The main character is a high school boy that does bad in school but he has an excuse, he is saving a nun's ass that has the forbidden magic hidden in her memory from other magicians and expect lots of pretty girls in this anime. This anime has two seasons so far.

Angel Beats
The setting is a school were lost souls(students) enter a strange reality were people don't die when they get shot and other stuff. The main character stumbles upon a group of teens trying to rebel against heaven, he had  didn't have much of a choice so he hopped on the bandwagon using weapons and doing missions. This anime is a little different it has more pretty boys in it and less girls. 

The setting is in Eruope most of the time they are in the UK.The main character is a vampire that follows orders from the Hellsing family, one of the previous successors in the Hellsing family subdued him. The Hellsing family is like a top secret government special ops for slaying vampires. The other main character is a police woman she also has more screen time, she was a normal human at first but she died and turned into a vampire. The dub for this anime has real UK English and, the OVA is better then the normal series but its still good. The art style also is grimdark so no bishojo, bishonen art and kawaii uguu moe stuff( ok there is a bit of that).


  1. Sweeet lineup. I've never heard of the second one before, but it seems interesting.

  2. I never finished Hellsing for some reason. I got to the last or second last episode and just forgot about it.

  3. Hellsing was EPIC.
    Alucard is one of the best character I've seen.

  4. Hellsing has been something I've put off for altogether too long. Is the dub any good? The British accent would probably sound as foreign as Japanese to me.

  5. Some of these look pretty sweet! Glad I'm following!

  6. The dud is good good and the audio was fine example when some dubed anime has lower sound quality then normal.