Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Obscure Line up

For the people that want some thing different or the guys that say "I watch mature anime for mature people like myself" that's just as bad as the Sony hipster fags(they get the game to look cool but can't play for shit) that I use to know( no offense to any one else) that play a game because it has blood or it looks realistic, realistic is a minus(not bad as I won't play it) for me because I like the escapism value from the cartoon/ surreal graphics I will jizz my pants for those games.

The main character is a high school boy that was bitten by a vampire and, he was able to dispel the side effects of becoming a vampire because of a priest. There is also 5 girls he encounters they all seem to have a curse or something wrong spiritually, since the main character is a white knight so he wants to save them so he sends them to the priest and they try to figure out what is the problem and so on. Other then some moe signals there is DEEP themes here with the slide shows and signs not only with the animal they represent and, with the conversation they have with the main character.( basically talking and slide shows)  I got into this the reaction images fromt his show is pretty good too.

He Still watches Bakemonogatar (a stupid meme from /a/  that makes me laugh)

The main character is a psychologist that help his patients deal with their problems, I remember the episode with a guy obsessed with phone texting and he was trying so hard to make friends by being a nice guy and offering them stuff and all that crap, then the people he was contacting never text him back or call they even had a party and they didn't invite him and, some how he showed up(I will never do that my "pride" is too strong to make me go there) to give them some thing then he left sadfrog.jpeg. As a kid I used to try and make friends it failed miserably at (only)elementary school so eventually I give less of a shit, as in trying to get my self in a conversation or joining a group of people, then I got unwanted attention/ attention(males or females) still not giving a shit right there all do is just appear if its some thing to do.

My Face When I saw the nurse

This is about a girl that wanted to collect swords to gain power and wealth. She also meets a man that has trained in martial arts so he can fight like he has a sword but he can't use swords( that's the catch) he is also the actual main character were he battles against stylish ninjas and samurais. This show is pretty amusing don't expect it to be about full action scenes because its not about that. There is also a part when a samurai admired if he doesn't have his sword hes shit, I loled because they always say its the wielder that makes the sword good and all that crap.

Ergo Proxy
This takes place in a time were technology is on the decline and, people get trapped in domes to live(were its powered up by some entity) and fool the people if they go outside they will die by the air outside(so they like brain wash people or some thing) The main character is a woman that does detective work, then she found a man that was trying to fit in or some thing and, he wanted to escape and a robot girl tagged along so they left the dome on went on a journey to only find out that there was barely any other source of life. I'm stopping right there I think I'm going to spoilers territory all so agree or disagree DEEP anime right here.   

Majin Tantei Nogami Neuro
The main character is a demon named Neuro that has an obsession with mysteries and he feeds off of them since hes an other worldly creature. He uses a high school girl like a slave to do his work because of his ability to find mysteries and strange stuff to detect the culprit the girl is called a pro amateur detective. The ending was   disappointing but the anime was all right there is a possibly that there is more in the manga but I didn't check it out.


  1. >Bakemonogatari

    I'm watching this at the moment! It's great; it really lives up to the hype. The songs are great, as well.


    I saw a few episodes of this. It was interesting, to say the least. I'll try and finish it eventually..

    I need to see Ergo Proxy too..

  2. I've seen all of these except the last one, and I have to say that I love them all. Katanagatari has a great look and I really like the story pacing and narrative style. The sister was my favorite character, she was so damn cool ;_; As for Trapeze, I don't love it as much as the other two, but visually it's very fun to watch.

    Awesome line-up :)

  3. Bakemonogatari sounds really awesome, I'll have to check it out.

  4. I have all of these on my backlog. I really have to get onto watching them.

  5. I stopped caring what /jp/ or /a/ thinks about certain things a long time ago. There are a lot of people that hate on Bakemonogatari and K-ON, but I'll still watch and enjoy them.

    I've watched all the series in this post except Ergo Proxy. I can say that I liked all of them too.

    but shit brah yallz gotta stoop hatin on my vidya. modernwarfare is the bestest cock of duty eva made. i dunn y u all wontoning too h8 on my haloz3 n shit. maybee youllz all ned 2 play it b4 u judge a cover by it's book. hit me up mah gamerz tag is xXxSnIpeRSepHIrOtH_pWNaGEMaSTa420xXxbOXruleZ

  6. Bakemonogatari is babbys first deep animu which is why I loved it.
    Didn't like Katanagatari though, much too deep for me.

    Your blog looks pretty nice now, I'm starting to feel more insecure about my own though.

  7. Thanks C, I'm sure you can think of something good if you decide to add or, change things.

  8. katanagatari looks interesting, i like action n fighting anime. where to download this anime?

  9. I still haven't watched Bakemonogatari, I'll have to do that one day. It doesn't seem to be as bad as many say it is.