Sunday, February 20, 2011

MMO Stories

My routine is to have an MMORPG then have an action like MMO on the side so I don't get really bored. The other game I use to play on the side from Trickster was RumbleFighter, my otaku friend told me about it but it seems like he didn't like the game enough to continue playing, he was also able to get the hipster play too but he lost interest because he was a scrub, that's the thing about him he can't put up a good game(especially console games or games that need some sort of skill) but when there is an MMO  he likes     ( hardcore cash player too) and lots of people, he likes to show off.
I normally say my friendship I questionable because I ask them to play a game or some thing most of the time the reply is "not interested" maybe it's because I am forgiving and  having low standards( using this term vaguely). When growing up they had the angsty teen phase because of 3D pigs but the otaku guy matured at least took him till 17, and the hipster guy some times makes lies to toss us off track (most of the time its on me or about me), like saying the otaku guy has an online relationship it doesn't look like he has one though. All that baloney for free entertainment.

Going back on track Rumble fighter is a simple fighting game, that has 5 classes now that have unique stats, unique exo cores, and scrolls that give you a different fighting style and there is class unique scrolls too. The first one I used was a striker girl, and I like using the experimentalist and the alchemist, the soul master was the least for me and, the new guy came out when I wasn't playing the game any more.

There is various maps of course and there is 3 modes and you can select free for all or teams matches. The modes that I can remember is normal mode just KO much people as possible, rumble mode its like a gimmick version(and you re spawn in this mode) with its own rules and, different maps like king of the hill stay on that point on the map with in the time limit to win. Screen scrolling make it to the end of the scrolling while trying to knock your opponents off track.
Drink the bottle all you have to do is get bottle and drink it but we can stop you from drinking it. I had look on these modes since I forgot them. Arena mode is the game mode were you gain kill counts and re spawn, and cage match I'm not a fan of it because people glitch out of the cage( I can do it too) but not every player can, well the point of this game is like king of the court, win take on the next guy till the end. There is also a beat em up mode were you fight NPCs.

The game also did have the room system so the same pattern be crap on game master team get kicked, be leet on other team get kicked, and the kids fear the numbers and the rank icons all the rank tells is how long a person has played the game not their skill level or stat bonuses, but at lv 15 you gain a dash skill that makes you do 11 hits or some thing and you can only use it once. I was lv 35 thats when I stopped playing because of my bad connection with the server and the patches change the net code or some thing and plus my deteriorating laptop. I was a like dark horse in that game just shit for myself and being able to gain victories wasn't that hard unless they are tricky bastards( like me but they don't troll like me) or literally gang up on me.
This game had a lot of shit talking kids some times I play along and/or the room master some how gets mad for no reason and kicks me out of the room( even with out shit talking). I would have to say in that game too there is no carrying the team crap if you win alone and your team fails you still can become the victor( like using the time limit, dealing damage and, making KOs). The game was pretty fun though the shit talking could be tone down a bit, oh ya and the censors make the bad words come out as fruits so some people what a blueberry I wish all games have it like that its Fffing amusing.

Side story from a request:
The kids in the basket ball court or the man childs do the same thing, ok I'm not so great on the court well I blame my stamina ( lazy arms) but its gotten better and my horrible luck with baskets my shots roll our or bounce out of the net( some people may count it as a basket), hay but I'm least I run faster then most armature and casual players( I'm a causal I don't take sports to seriously well I don't take almost any thing seriously bad habit but I like to do things the strategic way when I'm in the mood like making a map or some shit ).
There was two courts that I use to play on one with a community center this place has the shit talking kids that place was more calm but It did have some guys that at least deals with people and doesn't complain. I'm also the guy that gets last picked most of the time an I hear shit when I go on a team miss match or unfair teams that shows there skills level right there.

There is also a park court were there is gangsters and shit my otaku friend and hipster got mugged there I guess because one is oriental I always lol when people say being otaku is normal for oriental people because they don't have the same culture in east Asia and, the other guy is a black guy thats not black his voice makes it worse because you may think hes gay.I guess I don't get mugged there because I'm kind of able to be around a tough crowd with those stoners and latino gansters and some nigger gangsters so I'm kind of more intimidating then I thought.

Most of the guys that play to make scores, have such fragile egos, whinny, and jelly fagots there is also the ball hog I normally stand there and give signals for a pass then eventually they injure them selves then I go in my mind that's what you get faggot I'm not really that spiteful but when that happens that's what comes up  .

At school the jocks make a conversation or some thing I join then all of a sudden we disregard your opinion or fact because you are shit every time( so there is always lots shit talking envoled) I live around to many elitist fag and douche bags. Most people don't argure about my defence though well there isn't much rivalry with defence so not much to show off about. The way how I play the game too I move only in certain spots so I can make picks and stuff then some guys say move around more then I say "its you are going to pass me the ball". So when I play a game if I want the ball I have to get rebounds, steal the ball, or intercept a pass then every one gets mad even when I score, and some times if they start fagging the game I Fuck up the game intentionally trollface.jpg.

The soccer guys are more fun to play with though but the problem is its hard to find a soccer game after you  know less latinos, but I do hate playing defence when the casual game is so bad that the other team can't go past mid field and all the guys say I'm a good goalie and also the fact no one wants to be goalie and take the burden of missing the ball. I didn't go on the soccer teams because I have no cleats and I didn't want to be goali, and I always miss out to sign up for the indoor soccer.

Err wall of text I will talk about GrandChase in the next chapter.


  1. Interesting read. Where does the hurrdurr fit in? hahaha

  2. >My routine is to have an MMORPG then have an action like MMO on the side

    Usually, one MMO at a time is enough for me. Two at a time would just simply be too much.

    I considered trying out Rumble Fighter, but I decided that I'd probably get bored of it quickly, so I didn't bother.


    Interesting. Haven't played this either, but I've heard of it.

  3. Yeah one MMO is enough for me as well sometimes i try not to play them due to how much time they suck up lol but I always end up playing them anyways... I played trickster briefly I need to give it another shot at some point. Didn't grab me at first.

  4. >action like MMO
    w-what, there's such a thing?!

    Rumble Fighter sounds like my kind of game :3

  5. >Where does the hurrdurr fit in?
    From the constant babbling from whinny butthurt kids.

  6. Love the blog. New follower here. Keep up the good work! I LOVE MMO work.

  7. I personally dislike playing games that require no skill... I play to become better then my opponents, destroy them with superior strategy and luck! and when they win... they just win because of their luck....

  8. >but when there is an MMO he likes (hardcore cash player too) and lots of people, he likes to show off.

    Can't really blame him, I suppose. xP


    Me on the left.

    Some of those different game modes sound like they could be really fun. Nothing like some king of the hill..

    >I'm also the guy that gets last picked most of the time an I hear shit when I go on a team miss match or unfair teams that shows there skills level right there.

    I know that feel.. ;_;

    The park court sounds like an intimidating place! And yes, elitist douchebags are fucking annoying to deal with..

  9. Never really got into many MMOs