Saturday, April 2, 2011

MMO Stories

Now were on to latale this is a 2D sidescroller so it means all you really need is a keyboard, well you need a mouse to click on some functions otherwise your screwed, oh ya this game can use controllers going to try it once when I get some in game images. The game also begins with some plot about an oracle named Iris and it flows through the game with the story quest you need have a party to do that I didn't even go far with it because of that(there is even other story quest apparently).I either need a person to hold a party for me or actually team up and it's not common in because there is no place were people gather to get a party.

The game have 5 classes to choose from in the beginning warrior, knight, mage, explorer and, engineer.
The level cap in this game is 200 and job advancement levels are 80 and 140. On the first advancement you are able to choose your upgraded form or gain different abilities while losing their old equipment set up.

The warrior can advance to a DPS class if your connection sucks so will you.The knight losses the shield set up and specialize with knuckles.The mage gains a guitar and healing abilities while keeping the water element.
The explorer gets to use guns this is a DPS class too. The engineer is a special class on its own already you use mechanical objects and you can set up traps and, the job advancement makes you pilot a robot each robot has its own set of combos.

As long as you able to balance your quests and grinding the game will be easy all the guys in my friend group all compared it to maple story so they didn't go so far dam MS fanboys. I can maybe say more because this it the other game a played 1 year and a half but, I don't think there is much to it.

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Some images of random spots in the game noting special there and, NPC.


  1. >The mage gains a guitar

    That's not exactly a traditional weapon for a mage. Do you use it to cast spells or play music or what?

  2. The mage is called a bard and, they can attack with the guitar too.

  3. Being able to pilot a robot sounds fun