Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Obscure Line up

Have some interesting stuff that also follows its plot through in and out.That's if you watch anime for the plot I'm not that heavy with plot since I'm no expert on this subject. There is also some dramatic and cinematic scenes, there is some deep, if you want to add it in there too. Deepfag/Mature animefag or not, anyone can enjoy this.

Some kids in japan are on there summer break and they found a mysterious man in a cave that has some technology and asks them if they want to play a game and obliged. Sadly these kids did not know their lives are at risk( its not a spoiler it's mentioned in the first 2-3 eps). The kids pilot a giant robot(not much anime cliches here) and fend the planet from their opponents and crush them. When became aware of the consequence they all start having anxiety, and losing control, because of the random selection to become the next pilot. A sad tale indeed.   

Kara no Kyokai
This is an OVA series, most OVA have cinematic quality well this one does same goes with the sound effects, visuals, music(bitching sound track) and, of course the animation( its been ages from the last I have watched quality not saying the other stuff I mentioned is bad either, also speaking of quality gundam unicorn was really nice).The main character is a woman that have eyes that can kill things( it makes her aim for the critical points to kill "stuff") and she likes doing that but her targets seem to be things that are not human or have some magic. This stuff has a balance of deep and action.
Mary sue character, every Type Moon female lead is a mary sue so don't get mad.

The main character is a girl that sends letters from the dead to living people. So shes goes all over the place to send messages to unexpected people, were ever they are with in her area were she works, so the anime is episodic. I don't what else to say mang all I know liked it when I saw it 3 years ago. 

The main character is some strange high school boy but the setting doesn't take place at school though. The boy is working for an organization that dispose of gang violence. So the boy got a top priority mission and wants to prove him self that he is capable to work( this boy has heart, well hes is not a normal boy), he is also too soft personality wise and  the  he makes actions. His mission was to take care of some girl that came from a rich family trying to save her from a sheltered life and, of course other bums want her to make money and the rich guy sends goons.

Gunslinger Girl
All of the other Tiltles above was a setting in japan but in this anime it takes place in europe and mainly in italy. The characters are little girls with mechanical parts that gives them inhuman abilities and they do special OPs training so yes they know how to kill, and they are accompanied by their instructors.To add on the subject they are some government organization that dispose the land of terrorists and gangs while the girls are like made for deception. The first season is more about the character development and, the second season had more action and another girl with in the cast is the main character.
That feel when another studio produces the sequel of the anime with a completely different art style(well its expected if some place else does it) that throws you off balance also some of the characters have slightly different hair colors and whatnot.


  1. HAha the top video (Kara no Kyokai) says "Uninstall" a few times... must have problems with viruses or something. haha!

  2. I watched a bit of Bokurano, I got so depressed I cannot watch it anymore. It's a sad fate for all the pilots, what a shitty thing to do right?
    Also saw Gunslinger Girl. I had the games for the PS2 and the DVD's came with it.

  3. >Kara no Kyokai

    Heh, I'm watching that soon.

  4. currently watching Kara no Kyoukai. So far its good

  5. I love Kara no Kyoukai. And it'd hardly be Type-Moon without some sort of eyehax.

  6. Bokurano was great and I enjoyed it, I keep seeing Bokurano-esque things in Madoka too reminding me about it, uninstall is a great OP.

    So seeing as I've never seen any of the other stuff you mentioned, I'm adding them to my list, thanks for the synopsis and recommendations.

  7. I've been meaning to watch Kara no Kyokai for a while now. Maybe I should do it soon.

    I've watched the first season Gunslinger Girl, which was pretty alright. Dunno if I'll ever watch the second season.

  8. Bokurano's OP is one of my favorites. I love Uninstall.

    I think I'll watch Kara no Kyoukai sometime. Someone else recommended it to me not that long ago as well.