Wednesday, April 27, 2011

FanService Line up

The title says it all for those people that don't know what they mean when "anime people say fan service" watch this and find out. Then there is the fags that say why not watch hentai because that's the bias way of putting things out. Anyways some of this stuff has plot and it does have some funnies other then some cliche parts.

This show is about a dude that has a spiritual entity as a partner to relinquish the evil spirits that causes disaster and it may effect people to make them behave strangely. There is noting much to add there but it does follow a plot and the main character was one cool guy and there is a bitchin harem. Yes this anime really does have moments that make you go "what the fuck am I watching?" What also got me into this anime was a word from the internet"panty stealing samurai" I was like fucking godspeed, he is only in one episode and one of the later ones too.

Literally little boy drowning in cowtits the anime. It also has that theme with the female character being an animal in human form. From a glimpse from obtaining an image I remembered the main character also has a bad rep.

Sora no otoshimono
The main character had a dream and some angel told him he is going to have an ordeal. Then he found an angel from the sky because of that event more other angels start appearing and doing things out of hostility.
Awesome male harem lead manlyest of them all other then the guy in inukami (so far I can't think of any other character at the moment there is others I will mention) but this guy loves them cow tits.
This anime some times changes the opening and the ending is always different most of the time.

A high school boy living with his perverted twin sisters with silly shenanigans. In the ova the main character is more like fuck you twins you are messing my life for some time. In the anime he was more tolerable with them and his sisters tried to make him go to the same school as them.Fapping like the fist of the north star

Girls Bravo
The main character is a pitiful being called a man because he has some allergic reaction to females. It starts of with a girl appearing in his bathtub and it was a gate to another world with females. the main character escaped the madness and took a girl with him there will be people trying to take her back. Oh look child hood friend breaking in his house and knocking out the main character( sora no otoshimono got that too). There is also a crazy guy that likes shenanigans and makes the fan service and, he has a occult obsessed sister.

This stuff here is obviously your otaku pandering stuff in comparison to "cute girls doing cute things" because this is obviously targeted at males but, this stuff is kind of out there too deepfags may pass mainstream fags stay mainstream. Then that hentai bias I don't really watch hentai anime but it is obviously not good as this stuff and if they kow about hentai the manga and fan works does it better in comparison.
If you have watch all of them whats the best harem here?


  1. The only one I've seen is Girls Bravo and it was cute.

  2. Seen most of these, Kanokon was most enjoyable for me, but Girls Bravo was good too. I've seen Kiss x Sis too, but past THAT, I draw the line. Nvm, Yosuga no Sora... but still Kiss x Sis is... fan service over 9000

  3. I never finished any one of those shows except Girls Bravo.

  4. >Yosuga no Sora
    Quasar beyond that and I ddin't bother to watch it yet.

  5. I often give people a bit of fan-service.

    >Fapping like the fist of the north star

    Ahaha, we all did.

  6. Sora no otoshimono, Girls Bravo and Kiss x Sis are the ones that interest me from these, going to watch them once I get the chance.

  7. Except for Sora no Otoshimono and possibly Girls Bravo, none of these are worthwile. And KissxSis is a mess...