Thursday, April 21, 2011

MMO Stories

This MMO game is a stylish fast paced action packed TPS game with an announcer. The game was made by pentavision so announcer will sound familiar. S4 stands for shooting, style, esper, sports yep so this is obviously not your typical gun game because your character is able to perform wall jumps to climb new heights and, you get enhanced by skills ya that doesn't sound new but there is about 10 skills you can choose from, there is some information on the skills in the image below.

There is also many weapons to choose from before you select an item you have to do the tutorial for it and you get the item for a limited amount of time, then you can buy it later again if you like it. What good about this game if you have your items the time doesn't waste away unless your playing a game(some items still waste away like clothes but I don't know much about that).
In the button below has images of the weapons.

Some weapons also have different crosiers.

This game has many unique game modes like the touch down mode you may think its like capture the flag but that's only half way there, its more like sports game were there is a ball(in the center of the map) and you must send it to the other goal point to win, you can't pass the ball and the person with he ball losses their SP( skill points this gauge gives you the ability to use skills).
There is death match the same concept in every game.
Chaser mode is 1 vs all, the chaser gets a stat boost and wins if they kill all the targets, other plays have to survive to win agaist the chaser or kill them.
Battle royale is a free for all mode.
Captain mode I don't know shit about it because I don't play regularly.
Arcade mode is like a story mode in the game were you tackle all the missions they provide you.

Each mode has its own special map or some maps that's the same and there is a plenty amount of maps to choose from.
When I was playing the game it took me some time to find a combination that I liked so what I normally use is the:
revolver, sub mechine gun, optional, SP plus
spy dagger, smash rifle, heavy machie gun, sheild
optional or melee, semi rifle, rail gun, fly

Maybe I will blog about other stuff I did in the game.

The link to the game is below and a fan site that gives information about the game from korea and any thing else in the game.


  1. I tried playing this game a long time ago. It was laggy as fuck, so I gave up.

    It looked fun, and it could have been, but it was just unplayable with the lag.

  2. Looks pretty cool, I'll give it a try when I finish some games.

  3. Sounds pretty cool, I'll have to give a try.

  4. Every time I read MMO posts I feel like trying one, but I'm forever turned off from MMOs because I don't want to get addicted to them.