Monday, April 18, 2011


I'm sure when people see this question they are like;
Oh look a stupid question.
Looks like we have a troll?
Troll harder and I will reply.
What do you take me for?
Obvious troll is obvious.
Are you trying to troll with your horrible grammar?
Asking a troll how to troll what?
I think answering this stupid question will attract more retard replies or trolls.
I'm not going to feed a troll.

Only if sending job applications was the easy, I'm losing patients from my friends job even though a full week has not past getting discouraged I'm going to check out one of the job places again as in going outside I also hate registering in those places then  wait the following day to do something.


  1. I find it extremely flattering that I am in that first picture. I am not in the same league as some of those people. Also, if you made that picture, you are confirmed for autism.

    >I'm losing patients from my friends job

    I read this literally. It made me laugh. Like you were killing patients with your incompetence.

    Good luck in your new job hunt. If you keep being persistent, you'll eventually get somewhere nice.

    On trolls: The occasional troll has its place, but it gets ridiculous when everyone feels a need to be an idiot. Read: /jp/

  2. Addendum: or maybe I'm the one who is being trolled, and everyone really is an idiot.

    Trolling is an art, you see. Sorry for the double comment.

  3. >Job hunting
    Do you have a temp agency near your house or the next city over. You can find a job quickly with them. Or even sometimes start a career.
    Best thing to do is go print out a dozen resumes put on your best interview clothes and go out into the world. You'll get more attention and potential job hits that way, way better than just playing the wait game.

  4. How2troll being a classic troll, all repliers were trolled. Bet the troll who asked the question got a kick out of that.

    Oh yeah, I was meaning to play that one.

  5. That's a pretty comprehensive list with some familiar faces. Did you really make that picture with the formspring people?

  6. Here's a quick guide on how to troll:

    First write a ful commet on any website saiying anyting bad aganst the oter users. Ten wait for replies and lok if they mad. If tey are, then you troled tem.

  7. yes it was me the massive fag, also the tags is a big hint.

  8. I rarely see good trolls any more, but it doesn't matter because most people will take the most obvious bait anyway.

    >Trolling is an art, you see.

    I re-read that twice before realising that the "n" really was present. How unexpected.

  9. :D Trolling really is an art!
    But I don't like trolling, but I like other people getting trolled :D

  10. I feel bad for falling for trolls now and then, I'm a bit stupid.

  11. I really don't think there are trolls, it's just people want to be in denial of people having differing opinions or they pass somebody's genuine ignorance as trolling.
    "Oh he's not serious, he's just a troll."

    But nonethelest, trolling is a art.