Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Other Day From Yesterday

I was going to blog about this yesterday but I was asleep pretty much the whole day. So the other day I was at my otaku friend's place.
We were playing hard corps uprising this is one of  those downloadable games from PS3 and xbox, the game is like contra but with more stuff like weapon upgrades, a shop were you use score points to get better upgrades, you get to use two characters and, you don't die one hit you have a health gauge. The game was challenging(enough for the game to be enjoyable not ridiculous hard)  and action packed this game will make the youngings cry.

Anyways at the first level it was quite a surprise you have to do 3 boss at a time(one after the other) during the first stage. The second map was easy but there is a pain in the ass tiny robots that grab your legs and messes up platform jumps. Third map you run away from boulders and traps like your indiana jones(This setting is still cool for me) . Forth map a high speed course on a tech board also I didn't mention it yet but some stage boss spray bullets like a stg.  The fifth stage is speed map with jumping on trains and yes the trains explode. The sixth map was interesting you can play stealthy to avoid an uproar we didn't bother with it we just rush through and the elevator part you get to ride rockets(I wasn't expecting that).

Then the last map that's were shit got real pain the ass platforms(i like that) and avoid being squashed again, then that boss it makes me think of a gradius boss this is the point of no return. I would have to say that boss is hard especially if you play by yourself I was playing co-op with my friend (are skill level was equal I would have to say) the boss map requires you to prevent yourself from falling the escalator and one of the boss forms makes walls and it shoots bullets, I think you can figure out he difficulty by this description I hope.

Here is some images of the collection he has, with his manga collection and some figures he says get more of them, and he has some japanese only books hes getting he says so far he learned the grammar from school with the other otaku guy he knows.He some other books there too so hes is more of a reader then me, I may read some manga but its not something I do regularly, though I like finding manga with out an anime adaption.

This stuff below was other things I was going post long ago but I didn't.
I liked this artist from the other games the 3rd version art still makes me think of blaz blue.


  1. That is a lot of manga in English

  2. Love your manga collection,it's even bigger than mine, but I am more into figurines too. I also recently started playing Yugioh, so you could say this post was really interesting for me.

  3. >hard corps uprising

    I really want to play this game since it's made by the same people that made Guilty Gear.

    >though I like finding manga with out an anime adaption.

    I like doing this too since it seems much more worth it. It feels like a huge grind if I already saw the anime but reading a fresh story is always good.

  4. That's quite the manga collection.

    >1st gen pokemon cards

    Oh god the nostalgia. I'm pretty sure mine have long since been lost to the abyss of my wardrobe.

  5. That's a nice collection.

    And I haven't seen some of those cards in a long time.

  6. That's a really nice collection.



  7. I also had or have still have some pokémon cards^^

    I even have some holo Mew card which you got in some movie or somethin like that^^"