Thursday, April 14, 2011

Poll Results

Its like I trolled you guys when I look at the feeds sorry about that, some retarded shit happened then I feel asleep after words.Other junk looks like I had a false alarm I'm not sick any more, if it was winter time I'm going be sick for sure.

What position you take in a muliplayer FPS/TPS? Looks like a majority of players here just like to fix up the positions on the teams. Like in every game most people are going to say or think I'm going offense! The selected point was the more passive stuff, I couldn't think of any thing else that's not passive, at least hey are able to hold out on their own by being a rambo.

When I play it really is influenced by the team. Most of the time I'm back up because there too many players to count that like running in there and, I only go front lines when I'm forced to and my back-up is never good its like they do on purpose, they are not getting aimed at why can't you 1 shot some thing that comes close to me damit. If its a game that I know what I'm doing, I'm the guy that must be taken down first especially if its group shooting, so that makes me a grunt if go front lines most of the time.

I also take on the role of sniper but I hate when there is no one watching your base, so I run all over the place for a good spot or stealth like a good sniper and, also that feel when you know some is going to stab your back.Defender almost the same thing as sniper but not going directly to the other base and also if the game mode is not just simply kill your target then I'm the defense guy most of the time. The thing I like about defense because every opponent is going to your base just take em down like dominoes in there favorite route.

I can't really say that I have a weapon of choice but, I just use any thing till I figure out how to use it and like to mix it up lots of times all the time(just saying, not the version from the poll).

What position you take in a muliplayer FPS/TPS


  1. In TF2 I play Soldier or MEdic usually, so rambo and back up?

  2. Not to brag, but I was so damn good in Halo:CE that I could pretty much murder an entire enemy team on my own, granted I had a sniper rifle and some ammo. Only time that failed was when I played against certain elite clan faggots.

    Truthfully, I fucking hate sniper rifles, as games featuring them often turn into sniper dick-waving contests. I prefer medium range weapons that penalize the player for blind firing. Or shotguns. Either are funny. Also, the Magnum in that game was so damn good, I've never played another game with a a pistol that was so fucking nice. Sorry for the mini-blog comment.

  3. >sorry for the mini-blog comment.
    Actually this type of comment is more relative for, the what do you do/choose poll.

  4. Unfortunately I haven't actually played any multiplayer FPS/TPS games