Sunday, April 24, 2011

It's been a while

This is the stuff I had done the recently and I added some images of the past again. I tried doing some images of 3d too.

Every time I'm going to start on the image I just hold my pencil and stop, I guess I'm not in the mood. The image has a dragon tree(the bleeding tree) and a flamboyant tree.

Never really did much images of people I'd thats pretty good but I have problems with making the face of an oriental person. I got some images of indians and a very few amount of negros and latinas but, its so easy to find images of caucasian people and oriental(thanks to the weebos and asia fans) I have an idea were I can find iamges of negros just find a hair magazine. My preference is amateur models or some thing the like not ameriacan actors maybe models though( ok I used an asian actor/model/whatever they are but their special effect seems less obvious comparing to american media).
This is some old stuff both of my character designs again left two years ago and I made a sex hair character 5 years ago.
This stuff recent dam that middle images makes me think of that gym leader shes so awesome her image is engraved in my head. I even made a guy, I barely did guys because when I started humanoid shaped images, I was like I'm a guy so drawing a guy is easy(flawless logic) at least the contradictory effect didn't happen making my guys look like girls, I wasn't aiming to make him too manly though.


  1. Sex hair character? lol. Good stuff bro.

  2. oh yeah sex hair check out Amagami SS for the best sex hair available in modern times lol

  3. >flawless logic

    I've definitely had these moments before.

  4. I like. Well done! :3 I'm not nearly as good as you, but I should doodle and sketch more. It's fun and relaxing.

  5. >Amagami SS
    I was going to talk about that in a line up too.

  6. >I have an idea were I can find images of negros just find a hair magazine

    There are always magazines targeted to black people when I look at newsstands. They usually have half nude black models on the cover though.